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?But, what if it rains?? I ask this question every time a potential client is planning an outdoor wedding.

The perfect world answer is, ?Why do you ask?? I, however, have heard other answers such as, ?We have those pop-up tents we borrowed from friends …it will be fine?? And yes, I have heard ?Oh it?s not going to rain on MY wedding!?

Well?. It can rain and after you spend a pretty penny on everything else, you want to insure your special day goes smoothly as possible.

Consider Renting a Tent

Think you can?t afford a tent? Wedding tents are really a bargain when you think about it. With a tent you can virtually have your wedding anywhere: The beach, a state park pavilion, a private residence backyard. I have performed at hundreds of outdoor weddings. They are really the best of times.

A tent provides not only shelter from the rain, but also from the sun. You don?t want your BBQ or banquet food to spoil. You definitely don?t want your family and friends sweltering in the heat.

Keeping the Noise Down

Another aspect to consider is that a tent will help cut down on noise drifting into neighbors? yards or businesses nearby. I?m not suggesting it eliminates sound from traveling but with proper speaker placement, you can achieve a lower decibel rating coming from your location. (A little science lesson never hurt no one). Have you ever been to a backyard party/wedding and had the police come by for a visit?

Plan Ahead

Having a sound planning strategy to make the most of your big day is what it?s all about. Saving time, money, mental and physical stress is every bride & groom?s dream. Renting a tent is the same as having an insurance policy. You never know when you?re gonna need it, but it?s good to know it?s there!

My ?door? is always open to comments, questions and answers concerning your next BIG event.

Happy planning!