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I say no way!

Once the rush of the holidays is over, most newly engaged couples begin researching vendors for their wedding ceremony & reception.

With so many choices where do you begin?

Your choice of venue is a great place to start. After you find the right location to celebrate your big day, take advantage of their preferred vendor list. Chances are, if you like the venue and the way they run things, their vendor list has wedding professionals who have the same work ethic and philosophy?s.

Another source is social media sites like Facebook, Wedding Wire, Pinterest and The Knot.
Here you will get a more realistic idea of how much a certain vendor charges. You can ask questions anonymously on these sites and get great ideas for decorating. I like a page on Facebook called ?Wedding Yard Sale MA & RI? here?s the link
Pinterest has some nice articles and ideas too. Just start typing ?wedding? in the search bar of Pinterest and hundreds of ideas will help you plan out your event.?

And finally there are word of mouth referrals from family and friends. These type of referrals carry a lot of weight because the information given is a first hand experience from a trusted source.

Oh the choices. But fear not, my advice is to make a list of must haves and have not’s. Services you actually need and not the ones you wish you could have. Be pragmatic (big college word ? look it up if you don?t believe me) I have developed a timeline list of things to do to help you get things done. Just shoot me an email and I will forward the list right to you!


Hopefully this blog will help you on your journey to creating the wedding of your dreams. For more information, tips and online planning tools, please contact me via email –

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Thank you and Happy Planning!
PJ “The DJ” Lowe